September 26, 2017


If you have a structure that needs to be repaired or replaced due to the storm please contact us with your questions. 

Florida Emergency Order OGC No.: 17-0989

Emergency Order Expiration Date: 10/4/17

  • Coastal Construction Control Line Permitting
  • Docks, piers, boardwalks, observation platforms, boat houses, gazebos and pilings
  • Shoreline structures such as seawalls, bulkheads, revetments, breakwaters and groins
  • Buoys, navigation aids and channel markers

Governor Scott signed an emergency order that allows for Environmental Resource Dredge & Fill, Surface Water Management, and Coastal Construction Control Line Activities. Some of these activities are a “No Notice” but others require a “Field or Individual Authorization”, which must be obtained no later than October 4th. The Army Corps of Engineers is requiring applications for federal authorization and they believe most projects will qualify under their Nationwide program. Our office may have drawings for your site, which will be extremely helpful during this process.